Prez to Repugnant Reps & Senators: As Commander in Chief, I gotta lay off some ya like me now?

    Returning to the alternative universe in which Obama has balls, we find the following:

    Since a US default would be catastropic, and Prez has independent control only of the military, he announces the closure of all bases in Repugnant represented states and congressional districts, so that the necessary cash may be re-directed to default prevention pending raise of debt ceiling.

    They used to say that Lyndon Johnson would invite recalcitrant legislators into the Oval Office to watch a map with lights representing such installations in their state or district.  One by one, Lyndon would extinguish a light, until the promise of the desired vote was delivered.

    Impeachment bait?  Who gives a fuck--you only need one third of the Senate +1 to skate.

    Cut to parody of the old RCA ad, where John Boehner cocks his head at Obama's knee.











    I DO subcribe to this point of view.  ;o)  How are you feeling, Breakneck Kid?

    Pretty damn good, thank you very much.

    Should be back stripping in a month or two (pending resolution of slight pesky peripheral sensory deficit in crucial (for strippers)  member)

    Home from rehab--I love the freedom, miss the cute therapists.  (will post my farewell picture when forwarded by rehab director, Sara.)

    Good-o, dear.  Do also google 'Celadrin', both topical and oral (please forgive the inadverten pun.)

    Be jolly, above all, at least in the in-between times.   ;o)   Laughter is what keeps me goin'; sometimes after the tears.

     google 'Celadrin',

    Done.  My pain is more nerve related.  The good news, quite responsive to cannabinoid intervention.  The bad news, I smokd it all gone .

    I dont subscribe to the point of view that soft tissues and nerves are as separable as you do, with all due respect. 

    Point muscles are mostly sore, like I worked too hard at the gym.  The first week post tumble was an adventure in atrophy.

    ALL RIGHTY THEN--33 + 1.

    Sounds like a good formula!

    Worked for Andy Johnson!

    Alas, tho prez may have 33+1 in hand, the two balls issue is somewhat more problematic...


    good to see you back Jolly!


    90% there, thanks.

    I want to see that picture. Outta spleef? I'll see wot I can do...


    Bless you, cheeken...


    also, for a hot time, call 1-800-Rogie--naked housecleaning....(sorry, this service available to female clients only)

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